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By Creative Partners with Snapchat

By Creative Partners with Snapchat

Yesterday morning the By Creative team were invited by our new media partners, Snapchat, to a creative session at their HQ in Soho, London where they shared their audience insights, creative best practices and a sneak peek into the latest features they will be rolling out across their app. 

There are currently 12 million daily active users on the app in the UK, with 77% of them being over 18. With the focus of the session centering around how Snapchat can be used to promote film content, we discovered that 1-3 Snapchatters have seen a movie after hearing about it on Snapchat. They also make up 36% of cinema-goers and 50% of ticket purchases. Not only that, but advertising on Snapchat can raise awareness of a movie by 39%.

Back in 2017

By Creative started working with Snapchat in 2017 across several entertainment companies and film titles. Some titles included, ‘Get Out,’ and ‘Despicable Me 3’ where the team crafted a series of Snapchat Ads as part of their digital campaign, including filters and microsite landing pages.

We were given a glimpse into the world’s first motion portal that Snapchat created with Stranger Things late last year. An augmented reality portal was made that allowed users to step through a doorway that appeared in front of them and be transported into the Upside Down.
We are proud to announce that as a result of our partnership with Snapchat, the By Creative team is now able to deliver branded portal lenses similar to the one created for Stranger Things.

The session this morning has had all of our creative minds buzzing with new ideas, so watch this space for any future collaborations!