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Banner advertising has evolved on so much further in the last 15 years, that many people have forgotten just how effective these adverts continue to be in generating revenue and awareness.

The ability to target audiences with high precision remains a great strength, along with the fact that banner ads have remained relatively cost effective in comparison to other forms of advertising used to generate revenue.

 We are not surprised that organisations like Universal Pictures, BBC and British Gas continue to reap the benefits of banner advertising and feel proud to have played a part in helping them achieve such success.

With the every increasing variety of digital platforms and outlets, online advertising displays have never worked harder and continue ti engage with audiences of all ages.

As an example of the effectiveness of Banner Advertisements, our work with Universal Pictures to help launch the Jurassic World Movie resulted in the following achievements:

Increased digital revenue gained through the delivery of digital rich media creative content.

Using rich media to increase customer traffic an audience engagement with movie bonus content.


Page impression on mobile and tablets in regions across Europe.


Views on official launch of the YouTube red brand trailer spot.

4 week road map spanning over 10 countries across EMEA.

Engaging users of the original franchise.