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It’s Alive!

It’s Alive!

It’s here, it’s on, it’s Alive. Today we officially launch our new website, with new content and new features fresh for 2017. So we did take our time to put this site together however we did this for a reason. Why? So that we could research, learn and understand more about our audience, rather than just launching another website in the space of our 2.5 to 3 years of our inception.
Content Content Content
The user experience of the BY Creative 2017 website, not only focuses on what we actually do and the services we provide for our customers. Our new website will be focusing a lot more on branded content, be it video, animation, social media streams or web tutorials, a lot more digital activity will be taking place on the BY Creative News feed. So check out the little circle (in the top right hand corner of your screen).
Our new BY Creative website will be a hotbed of digital news, funk and inspiration about what we are up to and what has been going on around us.
We also want to educate and inspire through digital tutorials and workshops. It’s not so much about us, it’s about you our audience and what we aim to do is share what we know and how we do things whilst also inspiring people currently working in the digital/tech industry and for those you want to learn more skills in the industry (like providing more community hackathons like this one here)
Last and in absolutely in no way least, A BIG thank you to all of the BY Creative team involved in getting our new website together and putting in hours upon hours of thought, process and skill to get our new website up and running.
We do this together…making your creative visions digitally wonderful.
Have a great weekend everyone.
Many Thanks,
Alex Founder | BY Creative