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What does the “M” in BAME mean to you?

What does the “M” in BAME mean to you?

Physician, heal thyself – What does the “M” in BAME mean to you?

The term BAME (Black Asian Minority Ethnic) has been used now for a number of years and refers to Black, Asian, Minority and Ethnic communities.

18 month ago, By Creative were part of a panel brought together to discuss the challenges of trying to increase diversity across the technology sector.

The gathering brought together a wide group of people from all walks of life, eager to share their stories, challenges and insights, all aimed at fortifying the shared sense of commitment to achieving this goal.

As firm believers in ‘greater diversity’ across all areas of society, we have long been advocates of social change and were more than happy to lend our own support and insights.

It was during the talk that a very interesting question was posed to the panel. The panel was asked by a member of the audience of how a gay person would fit into this debate of greater inclusion and diversity?

Sadly, the response to the question (or lack of one), was the most enduring memory of the panel experience for us. The question was simply not answered with any real conviction and was skated over in a matter of minutes, leaving us to ponder the question more deeply ourselves after the event.

It made us review our own understanding of what the “M” in BAME really stood for? We didn’t doubt the passion or commitment of anybody in the room, however, we couldn’t help but wonder if we all needed to take a moment to reflect on just how inclusive we really are?


On reflection, we now know that (in our opinion) a golden opportunity was missed to listen and learn firsthand from a section of the BAME community who are sadly all too easily ignored, overlooked and whose input is terribly undervalued.

A case of ” Physician, heal thyself” perhaps?

With both Pride Month and London Tech Week beginning this week, we believe that now would be a good time for us all to try and find the answers to the question raised.

Shout out to some of the initiatives helping to raise awareness and engage all diverse communities (@UKblackpride and @aktcharity)

We wanted to end this piece by asking you what are your thoughts on this are?


Please feel free to leave a comment.