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Snapchat Brings More UK Shows for its Users

Snapchat Brings More UK Shows for its Users

Snapchat sets its eyes on becoming the future of TV by partnering with British media brands in order to bring shows for its users in the UK.

These brands include media organisations and broadcasters, making short episodes for Snapchat users. The shows last for about three to seven minutes per episode.

The 17 publishing partners that will bring UK shows to Snapchat users are:

Sky News and Sky Sports – news and sports television network owned by Sky plc.

VICE – digital broadcasting company of Vice magazine from Montreal

The Guardian – British newspaper

Channel 4 – British television broadcasting company

Global – home to many radio stations from the UK – media/news company from Manchester

PinkNews – online newspaper for the LGBT community

Gleam Futures – digital-first management website

Brave Bison – media company that helps content creators and brands reach out audience

Culture Trip – travel, media, and entertainment resource

Hearst/Cosmopolitan UK – fashion and lifestyle magazine for women

Tastemade – food and travel shows

COPA90 – online resource for football fans

Manchester City – football club

Boiler Room – music and club culture resource

GRM Daily – UK urban entertainment resource. GRM stands for Grime and Rap Music.

Accessing the shows is pretty convenient, Snapchat users just need to swipe right from the main camera. They user can pick one he or she finds most interesting in the “Discover” area of the app.

As can be shown above, the series come in many varieties – serious news, food showcase, music, sports, and even including random fun activities by vloggers. Compared to Snapchat’s US original shows, the shows from UK does not necessarily have to be original content. However, there are UK shows that are brand new but are not necessarily original or exclusive.

More Users are Watching Shows in Snapchat

Rami Saad, the head of international content partnerships for Snapchat, mentioned that the number of users of the app were increasing. The users were watching shows created by Snapchat’s publishing partners. On top of that, the amount of time users watching the shows increased threefold since the start of 2018. They have noticed that the 21 shows available in the “Discover” feature of Snapchat from US content creators were able to attract 10 million active viewers per month.

This also means media brands will be able to reach out to their target audience through ads in the featured shows. This makes Snapchat another platform to consider for advertisers. Unlike Facebook and other media platforms, Snap won’t be funding their partners’ shows. Instead, the media brands can use the revenue from the ads to fund their content. Saad also confirmed that Snap would share the generated revenue from ads to the publishing partners, though the exact split was not mentioned.

In an interview with Business Insider, Saad recognizes the strategy in bringing amazing shows to Snapchat that the users will certainly love. This they can confirm due to the wonderful success of launching content in the US. In the US, a 30-day ad campaign in Snapchat could reach 5 million viewers. This proves that there is feasible engagement in the said format.
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